Watchdox Review

If you want to send files that are financial, legal, business-related, or medical-related, or confidential, or for any other reason, electronically, you obviously want to protect them from hackers, hence you should use Watchdox.

The Best Watchdox Review for Your Business

A secure Watchdox is a system that maintains access control to information processed in it in such a way that only the appropriate authorized users or processes acting on their behalf are able to read, write, create and delete information.

Watchdox represents the highest class of security, requiring verification of protection means, is built on the proof of compliance of the software with its specifications using special methods, but this proof (very expensive, time-consuming, and practically impracticable for real operating systems) does not confirm the adequacy of the implementation of the security policy.

It is in order to eliminate the incorrectness of some provisions of the Watchdox, which has arisen in connection with the change in the hardware platform, to adapt them to modern conditions and to make them adequate to the needs of software developers and users, and a huge work has been done to develop the provisions of this standard. As a result, a number of documents accompanying Watchdox have emerged, many of which have become its integral part. A range of specific issues on ensuring the security of computer networks and database management systems are reflected in separate documents published by the US National Center for Computer Security in the form of additions.

The overall assessment of the Watchdox system security level consists of the functional capacity of protective equipment and the level of adequacy of their implementation. Most of the security requirements are the same as those in the Orange Book.

Criteria for Information Technology Security with Watchdox

Watchdox is a specific hardware/software configuration built with well-defined goals and functioning in a known environment. A product is a hardware and software “package” that you can buy and, at your discretion, integrate into a particular system.

Thus, from the point of view of information security, the main difference between a system and a product is that the system has a specific environment, which can be defined and studied in any detail, and the product must be designed for use in different conditions. System security threats are very specific and real. You can only speculate about threats to the product. The developer can specify conditions suitable for the operation of the product; it is up to the buyer to enforce these conditions.

The criteria address the following watchdox review information security objectives:

  • Protection of information from unauthorized access to ensure confidentiality;
  • Ensuring the integrity of information by protecting it from unauthorized modification or destruction;
  • Ensuring the health of systems by countering threats of denial of service.

For practical reasons, it is important to ensure the uniformity of criteria for evaluating products and systems – to facilitate and reduce the cost of evaluating a system composed of previously certified products. In this regard, a single term is introduced for systems and products – the object of assessment. Where appropriate, reservations are made as to which requirements are specific to systems and which are specific to products. In order to meet the confidentiality, integrity, and operability requirements, it is necessary to implement an appropriate set of security functions such as identification and authentication, access control, disaster recovery, etc. In order for a means of protection to be considered effective, a certain degree of confidence in the correctness of their choice and reliable operation is required.